December 7, 2022

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Lycabettus: Priest Dimitris Loubasakis at Agios Isidoris

After an uproar erupted with revelations of miracles that supposedly “happened” in the little church Saint Isidore In Lycabettus, came Final warning Archbishop Hieronymos who claimed to be a priest Dimitrios Loupasakis Leave within five days.

However, it seems likely that Pope-Demetrius’ move to the metoch of Agios Ioannis, on the borders of the metropolises of Klyfada and Mesokaia, would never happen.

As Live News reported, while negotiations between the Pope-Demetrius side and the archbishop continued, there was never an “ultimatum” in the sense reported in the media.

In these negotiations, as journalist Gina Arvaniti pointed out, businessman Georgios Desilas – the spiritual child of Dimitris Loubasakis – and father Apostolos Kavaliotis participate on behalf of the archbishop, although he denies his own involvement in the case.

Even four people were registered in the first meeting at the Archdiocese for this particular case.

In fact, the Permanent Holy Synod, Metropolitan Fthiotidos Mr. Simeon confirmed information about Pope Demetrius’ stay at Agios Isidoris.

Watch the video:

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