May 19, 2022

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Maduro recalled the plot against former President Hugo Chavez during the “International Summit Against Fascism”.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro recalls the beginning of the Bolivarian Revolution during the “International Summit Against Fascism” at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas. Twentieth anniversary of the coup against former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

“The puntofijista of democracy, the oligarchy, faced the fatigue of the elite model and it began to take shape. The depth of the Venezuelan social process is the concept of a new participatory and leading democracy. “Maduro said during a meeting in Caracas from April 11 to 13.

In this way, he recalled the pregnancy of this Venezuelan social process, as well as the informational silence of the media – and “Right-wing activities” – during the coup Against former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on April 11, 2002.

“We need to break the dominance of the story and the lies of the West In the face of exposure to a multipolar and multicentric world, Maduro punished the media with reference.

In the 47 hours since the coup, the Venezuelan president has criticized Pedro Carmona Estanga, then president of the Confederates (Fedecamaras) and current president of Venezuela. “Carmona Estanga’s oath of allegiance, the character of a Sibyl, is very reactionary, very neoliberal, Very right-wing, very pro-Gringo, Pitianki pulled into Gringo interests “He revealed.

In this sense, he replaced Carmona Estanga “ministers, heads of the central bank and so on Ordered to all GovernmentsAccording to state-owned Venezuela de Television (VTV).

“Fedecamaras was a decisive concept in the monetary and economic policies of the country Until the coming of Hugo Chavez Frias and the Bolivarian Revolution, there was a people’s power. “The Venezuelan president added.

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“You have to have faith and confidence in the miracles that people can do if they are well known and guided. I hope that time will work wonders if we continue to show courage and courage to defend the truth among the people of the world. ”Settled on his official Twitter profile.