February 6, 2023

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Malaga-AEK 88-66 – Basketball – BCL – AEK

AEK fought for three-quarters, but collapsed past and suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Unikaha (88-66). The team of Elias Kanzouris witnessed an excellent presence for three periods, but in the last minutes “collapsed”, With Malaga taking advantage of it and achieving a comfortable victory in the final.

found “union” before the score midway through the third period, Akil Mitchell was excellent until that moment, while in the 32nd minute he brought the match to a point (59-58), however, he was unable to keep the score close to the end of the match, starting with defeat. At the premiere in stage 16 of the BCL.

Great performance by Perry and Kravis for Yvonne Navarro’s team, both scoring 22 points. 18p was not enough. and 13 rebounds by Mitchell in the “yellow and black”.

the match

The two teams entered the game fiercely, playing basketball quickly, attack after attack. AEK took the early lead with 4-7, but Málaga hit the accelerator…and soon it was 19-12. And Miles may have made it to 19-15, but Unikaha’s players were “awesome” and increased the lead to +9 (20-29), The result with which the first period ended.

In the second quarter, and especially in the first five minutes, Elias Kanzouris’ team played an excellent performance in defense and attack, with the score 15 minutes in and it was 31-27 and Union conceded only two points. Mitchell and Janković tied the match (31-31), With Carter and Perry leading, with the home team first reaching 40-35 and then 44-39, The score that both teams entered in the second half.

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AEK came back strong again in the second half, playing excellent defense, first taking 44-43 and then Until he took the lead (51-52), with Mitchell “steamy”, having 18 points and 10 rebounds up to that point. And in the last minutes of the third quarter, the players of Unikaha “killed”, as a result of which they reached 59-54, with which the third period ended.

In the last quarter, Elias Kanzouris’ team started very strongly, and got to the point in the 32nd minute. (59-58), with the three Williams pointers, but from now on, It began … to collapse. The Yellow and Black lost their focus in defense and attack, Sima, Kravis and Perry did whatever they wanted on the ground, with AEK unable to follow up their pace and knowing a heavy defeat in the end with 88-66.

Quarters: 29-20, 44-39, 59-54, 88-66

Detailed match stats here

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