September 29, 2023

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Marcos Severlis: Acquired the rights to “The Office” in Greece

Marcos Severlis: Acquired the rights to “The Office” in Greece

“The Office” comes to Greece with rights belonging to Marco SeverMine.

Specifically, the actor, director, and presenter is expected to move to… a Greek version ofThe popular series that became a hit on Netflix and HBO He is one of the platform’s pioneers in watch hours in its nine seasons.

We remind you that “The Office” you’re now showing HBOIt started as a British series before becoming an American.

The most likely scenario is that ANT1 airs the new series while discussions have already begun For the actors who will participate in it. In any case, the presence of Marcus Severlis, in one of the leading roles, is taken for granted.

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Marcus Severlis is not expected to take on any role other than “Best boss From world”, Michael Scott.

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