December 3, 2022

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Maria Anastasopoulou: The reason for leaving SKAI

“Several proposals were submitted by other stations as well. They were submitted by George Papadakis and my negotiations with SKAI were ongoing,” said Maria Anastasopoulou.

The Maria Anastasopoulou She crossed the threshold of The 2night Show with Grigoris Arnautoglou and talked about her departure from SKAI and her transfer to ANT1 and alongside Giorgos Papadakis in Calimera Greece.

“My relationship with SKAI has nothing to do with numbers. I’ve been there since I was a kid, intern at university. I turned 15 this year. Several suggestions were made by other stations as well. It was done by George Papadakis and my negotiations with SKAI were underway. A few weeks later I said yes to George,” said Maria Anastasopoulou.

“Suggestions are made, you decide if they apply to you and then you see what’s in there. Demetris Okonomo and I have been together for six seasons and have built the show day in and day out. I was obsessed with this show and the morning area. But I decided it was a huge challenge to take on my resume. That I worked with George Papadakis. George is who he is, he has earned the world’s trust with his work and I say look how diverse and different he is to work with” added Maria Anastasopoulou.

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