February 6, 2023

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Maria Solomo: Mente Fuerte’s jealousy scene that went viral on Tik Tok

can the Maria Solomo And the Strong mind Avoid talking openly about their relationship and answering any questions put to them without specifying what exactly is going on between them, though. The videos that the famous rapper posted on his Instagram are proof that the two are not only a couple, but also very much in love.

In one of Mint Fuerte’s last videos, we see Maria Solomo doing … a scene of jealousy.

In fact, Minte Fuerte made a joke by pretending to talk on the phone while the actress’ reaction was recorded on video without her knowledge.

Come on baby. When;

Shortly after, after the rapper finished his alleged phone call, the actress responded by telling him, “Come on baby, I’ll pick you up later because I can’t talk right now? What the fuck am I? What did I say; who was on the phone? Don’t look at me laughing. Now the alien will come out.” From me. Who was on the phone? Who was my baby on the phone? Come on baby, I can’t talk now…Are you okay? George was about to finish..Tell me who was on the phone. Ah, I can’t. My nerves. Tell me who it was. On the phone, boy.”

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