February 8, 2023

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Mariana Varela – Fabiola Valentine: Celebrate Argentina’s victory with a kiss

the Mariana Varela and the Fabiola Valentine They celebrated their country’s World Cup victory this year with a kiss.

Mariana and Valentin – who were crowned Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico respectively in 2020, are living the ultimate love life as a couple.

The two women have recently been at the center of publicity, grabbing the news of their marriage. They secretly married on October 28, after keeping their relationship a secret for a long time.

After Argentina won the World Cup, they made their own posts on Instagram and celebrated for their country.

“How much it cost us, how much we suffered, how much we enjoyed and how much we laughed. Every moment was special… from the hand of the love of my life throughout the match to sharing the final penalty with my father via video call. That for Argentina is culture, passion, joy, pride, a lot of pride, and it is The same we do every time we see our national team play but this time I share the joy because we are world champions Thank you God for taking me to Argentina thank you dad thank you love @fabiolavalentinpr for living the party with me and thank you my national team for being such warriors šŸ‡¦ šŸ‡· pšŸ¼ā¤ļø Argentina feeling I can’t stop šŸ’« “,” Mariana Varela wrote in a series of photos she posted on Instagram.

In fact, in one of these photos, she appears to be sharing a kiss with her lover, while both of them are wearing the jerseys of the Argentina national team.

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Fabiola Valentine posted the same snap. She commented on her post: “Your smile is the goal. In the 90s, Argentina is the new world champion.”

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