May 30, 2023

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Marina Fernico: “Victorias didn’t go to Eurovision because of his last name”

Marina Fernico has given answers to the choice of Victor Fernico to represent Greece at Eurovision 2023.

the Marina Fernico, She is a cousin of Victor’s mother, who spoke to the star, confirming that the girl is 16 years old He didn’t go to Eurovision because of his last name.

“I spoke to my cousin, she took it and told her I am very proud of Victoras. It is a great success that at this age he managed to represent a whole country at Eurovision. This whole story is wow. His mother is equally proud of her son. His whole life is ahead of him and he will be The future is brighter and brighter.”

In response to Evi Drotsa’s negative comments about her nephew, Marina Fernico He said, “Everyone has his opinion, and everyone’s opinion is respected. I will just say.” That you must have a way to get to Eurovision. Not everyone can get there because they have a family name. Victor did not make it to Eurovision because of his last name, He was voted down by the audience and ERT and went there with his sword. It is, in my opinion, an unfair statement, but a respectable one if nothing else.”

He also noted that because Victor is so involved in music and is such a sensitive kid, like all 16-year-olds, he needs a little caress in the comments everyone makes. “They are very affectionate and bad comments can lead to bad developments. My dad always told me that what matters is not the opinion of many, but the opinion of the people you care about personally. So family, friends and anyone else is secondarily.”

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