May 22, 2022

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Mario Vargas Losa: “Putin is a bloodthirsty dictator”

Author Mario Vargas Losa, in a file photo. EFE // Jose Jocom

Nobel Prize in Literature and Literature Mario Vargas Losa In an interview with a Chilean newspaper, Vladimir Putin panicked over the attack on Ukraine. Third. “We are in a dangerous moment with Russia becoming a dictatorship again with Putin. Putin is a bloodthirsty dictator. “

According to him, the way it operates in Ukraine “manifests itself in all its evil, in its antiquity and in its modernity.” He further explained: “What he is criticizing about Ukraine is that it is an independent country and not a satellite of Russia, and today in the 21st century it can not be, can not be tolerated. Putin’s madness has helped open the eyes of many nations.

To Vargas Losa, “No one has made the EU prosperous because of Putin’s nonsense.”

In addition, Putin promised that “he’s a leader with obvious signs of insanity, like Stalin or like him … like the satellites that could be built around him.”

He further warned:If he feels defeated or delayed in his ambitions, he will try to resort to nuclear power plants in Russia, which are always in danger of endangering the very lives of humanity. It will be catastrophic for mankind and we hope that such barbarism will not come.

Analyzing the geopolitical situation in Europe, Vargas Losa expressed his special concern for Latin America. And because of the situation in his country, Peru, with a president he describes as “uneducated” and “ignorant”, but because of the general panorama of the region. “Our continent is lagging behind while other parts of the world are thriving,” he lamented.

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Vargas Losa believes that the epidemic is more dramatic in Latin America than in Europe or Asia, where there is social and economic development and, above all, a more advanced democratic process. “On the other hand in Latin America, unfortunately, populist, rhetorical and very irresponsible governments, which do not know above all how to manage a country’s economy, have proliferated recently.. So while the rest of the world is thriving, we have reason to worry that our continent is lagging behind, ”he said.

When asked by journalist Juan Paulo Iglesias, the author said, “The best Latin Americans do not get involved in politics because they hate politics and have a tendency to reject politics, because politics is a very corrupt life, a high life. Let’s just say they don’t think so.

Peru has not come forward, it is stuck, for electing a president who is completely illiterate, for being poorly elected.Suppose a government does not have a person, does not have the necessary information and is already showing signs of corruption, mismanagement and irresponsible administration. About 70% of Peruvians want to get rid of him, ”he said. And he advanced: “I doubt he will end his term. ”

As for Varga Losa, the case of Peru is the case of Venezuela, the case of Nicaragua is the case of Cuba, they are dictatorial dictatorships.

He spoke of Argentina as a “very dramatic case” because it did not progress: “There is a rivalry between the president and the vice president who elected him.

And he recalled in his neighborhood, Lima, that they were not talking about Paris, they were talking about Argentina. “The boys wanted to study at Argentine universities. As writers we want to live in Argentina. Argentina, a role model for Latin America, is disappearing”.

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In writing, disaster has a name: “This is Peronism.” “It is very difficult for me to understand that kind of romantic feeling that exists with Peronism in Argentina, which is the source of all its diseases,” he said.

In his analysis Regional exceptions are found in Ecuador and Uruguay, They are progressing. “Uruguay is much faster than Ecuador because it has a greater democratic tradition than any other country.”

“But Latin America in general is having a very bad time. Instead of emphasizing a romantic, outdated and dysfunctional view such as nationalization and press censorship, democratic models should be followed. None of that has succeeded,” he said.

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