December 7, 2022

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Marios Papageorgiou: Was his tomb discovered in Tervenochoria? – Newsbomb – News

Thriller with human bones found in Tervenochoria – they belong Mario Papageorgio;

He spoke at a mega event His family lawyer Mario Papageorgio After the gruesome discovery in a cave at Stephani in Boeotia. The human bones found are being examined by forensic experts from the Greek police to determine if they belong to Marios Papajogiou.

The Marios Papageorgiou is the lawyer for the Nikos Roussopoulos family He spoke about the case and the suspicion that the bones found in a cave in Dervenochoria belonged to Marios Papageorgiou.

“This is a case that has been going on for years. The bones of the unfortunate Marios were found in the area of ​​Tervenochoria, where the already condemned and assassins had moved. Whenever we anxiously await results, it appears from phone calls that they have moved to the area.”He said at the beginning.

to The reaction of Marios Papageorgiou’s motherMr. As Roussopoulos pointed out, “Her anxiety is great, her stress is great. She has been waiting 10 years to find something from Mario. We have criminals, mastermind for 18 years, years of investigation, the rest are involved, there are new cases against 8 people who are said to be direct associates of the “mastermind”, unfortunately. , until today, he did not speak.”

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It is reminded that Human bones were found last Wednesday, October 26 Inside Cave pit at Stephani village in Voiodia, Part that is ehas entered the “microscope” of investigation, As there were serious symptoms There the kidnappers “destroyed” the traces of the 26-year-old’s murder.Burying or cremating his body.

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The gruesome discovery was made by a speleological team during its expedition to the northern slopes of Mount Burnita. The bones were found at an altitude of 650 meters And at a depth of at least 50 meters, a hand grenade was also found a little closer.

The human inventions, Parts of skulls, mandibles and bones collected by the Service for the Conservation, Characterization and Management of Caves and Ancient Remains associated with human presence. The police will find out who they belong to.

Finally, it is recalled A 72-year-old man is the mastermind behind the kidnapping and murder of Marios Papageorgiou. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with an additional 20 years for murder, conspiracy to commit robbery, attempted extortion as an accomplice and forming a gang.

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