February 7, 2023

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Market Pass: Syriza voted “for now” – Economou: “Sad exception, many in theory, few in practice”

SYRIZA votes for market pass measure, Mr Giannis Okonomov Commented meaningfully: “Much in theory, little in practice.”

“Syriza, in a new back-and-forth, voted “present” on the shopping card measure,” a government representative said.

Yannis Oikonomou continued, saying that SYRIZA “is detached from the concerns, needs and problems of society’s daily life”.

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A government spokesman spoke of a “sad withdrawal from everything important and beneficial to the country and its people”. “Much in theory, little in practice,” said Mr. Econamo concluded.

Detailed report by Yannis Economos:

SYRIZA, after fresh setbacks, voted “absent” on the shopping card measure.

He chose for the umpteenth time to stay away from the worries, needs and problems of daily life in society. It is, according to its usual practice, a sad exception to all that is important and beneficial to the motherland and its people. More in theory, less in practice: It was, it is, it will be Syriza.

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