December 4, 2023

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Markus Siverlis: His first statement about moving to SKAI

Markus Siverlis: His first statement about moving to SKAI

Markus Siverlis posted on Instagram a picture showing him signing his new contract.

The staff of the TV station now includes SKAI Marcus Siverliswho, a few hours after announcing the channel, also sent out his own message via social media.

The 54-year-old comedian posted a photo on Instagram of him signing his new contract and announcing his new TV move.

At the same time, he thanks ANT1 for the cooperation he has had all these years.

Check out his post:

“Continuing my successful collaboration with ANT1, I am pleased to announce my new TV move through SKAI frequency, which honors me by showing its trust and respect in my long career.

I want to thank ANT1 for the excellent and loving collaboration we’ve had so far, and all of you who have been close to me all these years watching my shows, which end in July!

I am looking forward to the new TV year, which is expected to be very dazzling and has many surprises in store!

See you in September! “

SKAI announcement:

SKAI is pleased to welcome Marcus Sieverlis to its team.

Markus Siverlis, one of the sexiest actors of his generation, director, screenwriter and producer, with a triumphant career in theater and television, comes to Sky to generously endow us with his talent.

Get ready for a collaboration full of joy, positive energy and many surprises! »