February 8, 2023

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“Maybe my career as an influencer will come to an inglorious end somewhere here.”

h Ioana Tunis She divides her time between Athens and Thessaloniki. More specifically, these days he is in Athens with Dimitris Alexandru and their son. However, their home in Athens is not suitable for her to comfortably upload her stories.

As she reveals in the story uploaded by Ioanna Toni, she made sure to set up a corner in a room in the house so she could properly post her stories. But it was in this very room that the baby’s bed and his things now got in, and as a result he didn’t have the space he needed.

The influencer deals with the situation with humor and publishes a story in which she says: “Ah, my career as an influencer will probably come to an inglorious end somewhere around here. Bye.”

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