October 1, 2023

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Meta advertises Quest 3 VR Headset at $499.99 – Meta

Meta advertises Quest 3 VR Headset at $499.99 – Meta

Meta has officially announced the Quest 3 VR headset via a post on instagram by Mark Zuckerberg.

The headset comes this fall (most likely in October) in a 128GB version that will cost $499.99 plus an “extra version for those who want more space” at an undisclosed price. Compared to its predecessor, Quest 2, Quest 3’s design is lighter and more ergonomic, with a “40% thinner optical profile” (not including face-facing hardware), while the new Snapdragon chip inside delivers twice the graphics performance.

It’s also compatible with Quest 2 games, which is a plus since the old headset is still out there but at a lower price. Specifically, Meta said that starting June 4th, Quest 2 will drop the price by $100 to $299.99 for the 128GB version, while the 256GB version will cost $349.99 from $429.99. The move reverses last year’s price hike on the base model and makes the version with added storage even cheaper than it was before.

If you’re interested in Quest 3, you can Register here More information will be available gradually.

In addition, an upcoming software update for the more expensive Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro will boost CPU and GPU performance and enable dynamic resolution scaling.

The announcement of Quest 3 comes just days before Apple announces its very popular mixed reality headset and just hours before it releases games on its virtual reality platform. Meta reports that the presentation will feature an AAA title with the promise of more information during the annual Meta Connect event scheduled for September 27th.

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Task 2 (left) – Task 3 (right)

We already had a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect from the Quest 3 after Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman detailed his first experience with the device.

The video accompanying the announcement clearly shows the three new sensor areas on the front of the device, which feature more than previous versions, as is the case with the headphone strap. We also see new Touch Plus controls with TruTouch touches for “experiences you can feel,” without the old loops that were there to track user position.

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