October 1, 2022

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Meta AKA Facebook Hyped VR Headset Leaked By Guy In A Hotel

Meta AKA Facebook Hyped VR Headset Leaked By Guy In A Hotel

The Meta Quest Pro, revealed in a hotel room by a hotel worker.

screenshot: Zactarius Gaming / Ramiro Cardenas / Kotaku

It’s always worth rooting under the bedside or in drawers when you’re staying in a hotel room. Who knows what exciting items the previous guest might have forgotten? Like, say, the super-secret Oculus VR headset. This is what happened to hotel worker Ramiro Cardenas, who claims it Find out and announce to the world that Project Cambria is likely to be called Meta Quest Pro. Then he made a video of opening the can.

It was the headphone I originally joked last October, with the title of Project Cambria, when Mark Zuckerberg said it would be sold “at the high end of the price spectrum”. in time, we learned They will have cameras that send high-definition full-color video to their screens, along with face and eye tracking, and all sorts of exciting algorithms..


Now, a full month before the intended announcement date, the new device is available for all to see thanks to a particularly memorable hotel guest. Ramiro Cardenas is very excited, Who posted the video as Zectariuz Gamingpulls the new headset and portable consoles out of their box, while whispering with glee.

this is The new Meta Quest Pro headset looks like something the crazy inventor would wear in the ’80s Disney live-action movie about a man who accidentally invents time travel. In the meantime, it seems that the controllers I dropped the hollow-circle design for the Meta Quest 2 and went for a simpler, neater form factor.

Covering up identification details, images accompanying the video include an image that reveals the legend, “Not for Resale – Engineering Specimen.” It’s in a very swish packaging with that in mind! But it does indicate that the product may be close to release.

Project Cambria

the edge Reports That Cardenas told them he was able to reunite the headset with the person who stayed in the hotel room, but not before – you know – uploaded photos and a video of the device to Facebook to blast Meta’s plan to reveal it during October’s Meta Connect.

It’s quite a coincidence that Cardenas, and his Zectariuz Gaming page, have actually taken an interest in different variants of the Oculus. We reached out to ask how this coincidence happened.

We’ve of course also reached out to Meta to ask if they’d be making a Pro announcement now, and if they’d be climbing the Engineer’s head on a pike outside their HQ. (We may not have phrased it exactly that way.)

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