June 2, 2023

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Mexico to revive theatrical activities after the fall of Covit-19

Following the commitment to dialogue and listening with cultural agents, the company provides on its website an account of a meeting with members of the theater community from different parts of the country.

Now a meeting with Cultural Secretary Alejandra Frosto Guerrero took place at the Los Pinos Cultural Complex (former Presidential Palace in Bosque de Sapuldebek), where representatives of the theatrical movement presented him with plans such as a support organization. Aphrodometry.

His view is that not everything necessary has been done to support products that highlight the history and life of the Afro-Mexican community.

Rebeca Moreno, the producer of the plays, commented that this was the first time that private theater entrepreneurs had the opportunity to co-produce with the federal government and that it was important as part of the support that the activities had been suspended. Health Coincidence ..

Felix Baylon, composer and educator, recognized the beginning of the conversation led by Frosto and gave a detailed presentation of the 51 bands in the country that targeted women and children organized during the critical moments of the epidemic. “The Spring of Childhood”.

The Secretary, for his part, ensured that the creation of actions for the benefit of the cultural and artistic community could only be done hand in hand with the people, for which he recognized the interest and effort of the participants in the meeting.

He explained that the units he directs, the arts, groups and projects are known beyond their origins and work to reach new audiences, for which they have devised new ways of allowing and promoting cultural tours.

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He mentioned the great project of Chabuldebek, Nature and Culture, which covers a fourth part of the forest, which is a project of great vitality nationally that will strengthen the development of this sector which is socially essential and necessary.

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