June 3, 2023

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Microsoft’s head of Xbox believes losing the Xbox One generation was ‘the worst generation that could be lost’ – the Xbox

Microsoft’s Xbox is having a hard time.

First there was news of a 30% drop in revenue for the Xbox division. The British authorities then prevented Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Finally, Redfall was released earlier this week to lukewarm reception. All of this combined with the “quiet 2022” in major new game releases has Xbox fans wondering when Microsoft will release as many trilogy games as it did with the Xbox 360 generation.

In an interview with Kinda funny gamesXbox chief Phil Spencer said Microsoft had no intention of selling Sony or Nintendo hardware. Instead, Microsoft’s gaming strategy is focused on the Xbox, PC, cloud and smartphone platforms, not just consoles. The Xbox boss doesn’t think just making great games is enough to win in the console space anymore.

Spencer also addressed the prevailing view that if Microsoft focused more on great games on its console, it would win the relevant battle in the space. He stated that this idea does not fit into most people’s reality and that there is no world in which people would start selling their PS5 even if Starfield was one of the best games ever made. Spencer also mentioned that Microsoft missed out on the worst generation it could have missed, when the Xbox One was on the market, at a time when “everyone built their digital library of games.”

Spencer admits that he’s mad at himself for releasing Redfall and that the critical response wasn’t what they wanted. While praising Arkane’s developers, Spencer admits, “The team didn’t achieve its internal goals when they were announced.”

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All eyes are now on Starfield, with Microsoft confirming that it will be showing off new gameplay for the game during its Starfield Direct event on June 11th. After the controversy surrounding Redfall’s lack of 60fps, Spencer explained that Xbox will show fans this summer whether Starfield will feature a 60fps mode on the console.

So what does the future hold for Xbox right now? Spencer states that “the console is the core of the Xbox brand, there’s no question about that” and the company will remain focused on ensuring the console experience remains of a high standard. However, he also stated that there is no profit for Xbox in following in someone else’s footsteps and that as a company they should go out and do their own thing with Game Pass and xCloud.

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