December 2, 2023

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Milwaukee Bucks roster after the release of Sandro Mamoukilasvili

Milwaukee Bucks roster after the release of Sandro Mamoukilasvili



How many open listing locations in Milwaukee? Which players are the two candidates to get them? How did the bucks materialize after Sandro Mamoukilasvili’s firing? SPORT24 analyzes the data.

The decision to release Sandro Mamoukilasvili didn’t go off like…a bomb, but it wasn’t something Pax fans expected either. Milwaukee officials released longtime Georgia State to open up another roster spot, but also to allow him to find the next stop in his career because Mike Bodenholzer wasn’t counting on him.

Now, Deer has 13 contracts, one ten-day contract and one two-way contract, so they can look for one to three basketball players for the final leg of the regular season and playoffs. Except that they seem to be slowly ending up in the pool of athletes they will finish the year with. This is why they will not be in a hurry to add and subtract.

Milwaukee bucks depth chart

  • PG: Jero Holiday, Jevon Carter
  • SG: Grayson Allen, Pat Connaughton, Wesley Matthews
  • sixth: Chris Middleton, Joe Engels, Guy Crowder, Margoun Beauchamp
  • PFGiannis Antetokounmpo, Thanasis Antitekounmpo
  • c: Brooke Lopez, Bobby Portis

In this group of 13, everyone except Brook Lopez who is a classic center, can play more than one position. And that’s a huge win for Mike Budenholzer and GM Jon Horst.

With Serge Ibaka gone and Sandro Mamoukilasvili released, a body was needed, so it looks like Magers Leonard will be on a second contract for ten days before deciding on the rest of the season. Leonard opened the field by shooting his girth, a tall guy, and spoken of in the best Milwaukee terms. So it is likely that he will get the 14th place on the list.

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To whom does the fifteenth go? Logic dictates that 23-year-old cornerback AJ Green would see his two-way team become a regular in order to qualify for the playoffs. An incredible three-point shooter (44% in his rookie season while playing just 9.8 minutes per game), he’s in a good position to “survive,” Giannis Antetekounmpo trusts him and everything indicates we’ll see him on the Bucks roster after that year as well.

So, if Leonard and Green get the last two spots on the roster, the Bucks have a couple of ways to introduce them and with them someone/someone’s experience, most likely from their G-League team. What is certain is that with a 16-game winning streak, and given that they are already number one in the entire NBA, they are in no hurry, they are not nervous and they only need one thing. Health So the playoffs are approaching at full speed.