July 7, 2022

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Morocco shines all over the world


Time Square, Piccadilly Square, Callao Plaza, The Opera, Tel Aviv… Strong locations were selected as part of the “Land of Light” campaign rollout, ONMT notes in a press release. The result is amazing to say the least. The richness of Morocco, the energy that it emits, and the inexhaustible source of inspiration that it represents, thus appearing on screens all over the world.

Dans une vidéo qui vient d’être diffusée aujourd’hui par l’ONMT l’on constate que le Maroc voyage en ce moment sur les 4 continents et que les images du film « Terre de Lumière » sont diffusées dans grand les lieux de influence from the whole world.

“We are proud of this campaign that has contributed to the improvement of our country and the impact it is already having on our target audiences in our strategic markets. Our ambition is to make Morocco a creative and inspiring global brand, positioning it among the tourism destinations,” said Adel El Fakir, CEO of ONMT, in a press release. A favorite for travelers around the world.

Currently the new trendy process, Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) has been used for urban billboards and allows new horizons for this campaign. The office targets international tourists between the ages of 25 and 59 who are interested in art, cultural experiences, nature, rural heritage, beaches and leisure activities.

Recall that the campaign “Land of Light” was launched simultaneously by the National Air Force Office in France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Middle and Near East, Israel and Africa, that is, 20 countries, the first in history.

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Through digital, television, billboards and the press, the goal is to achieve a level of fame, visibility, coverage and maximum frequency in order to excite engagement with tourists from all over the world.