March 30, 2023

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Mousinas spoke of Tempe: “Prime Minister, change your communications specialist

In the Incident in Tempe Mentioned at the beginning of the show “Good evening” to sky On Monday (06/03) o Nikos Mutsenseexpressing everything we have been thinking about in the past few days, while addressing Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, commenting on his first statements and speech.

We’re talking about a tragic event anyway and TV makes it even more tragic. We can’t handle how these people are feeling, so all we can do is pray for those souls and strength for the people left behind.”the well-known broadcaster said at the beginning.

He then did not hesitate to broach the topic of “human error” heard from the very first moment of the accident, indicating that it was evident that not only one person was to blame: “Now we’re talking about a candy called ‘human error.’ It’s out of control, they tell us anything, Look into their eyes, there is always “I’m sorry”. Three governments, a large number of ministers, no one bothered, no one would have bothered if the accident had not happened.

“We’re talking about a missing piece: luxury.“Human error” is the reason we came down here, for fear of rain or snow, to travel, it so happens that you fear for your life again. All this, as you understand, pops up one after another. Guys what’s up It’s not just one person’s fault. I feel like a dead end, yet something needs to be done“, he added.

Nikos Mutsinas continued, pointing out that the phenomenon of disturbances that occur is so frequent now, that he fears that this event will be forgotten and become Another memory date.

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As the well-known presenter pointed out, among other things:They were also heard by the stationmaster, who erred, yes. We’re not saying he wasn’t wrong, by God. But we focused on it, why? “Old, gray-haired, they put him down.” Slash could be, yeah, ehThere are a lot of bribes.”

Then he addressed the Prime Minister, commenting on his position and asking him to resign, saying: And the prime minister came out like a corona virus again with the same face. The caller must change. Change it, Prime Minister! Because whether it’s Corona, or an accident, or rape, it’s the same sad face. aIf you can bear it, you can quit smoking. Not just the prime minister, everyone. It’s only human to say we can’t. Let the one who can come.

“Whatever happens. There are a lot of open cases. It’s all up in the air. Let’s do something.”Nikos Mutsinas concluded the conclusion, mentioning the cause of justice that will be done in the case, while the whole group burst into applause at everything he said.

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