December 7, 2022

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Movie theater employee exposes popcorn “scam” (VID)

This viral clip was seen by millions of moviegoers who were stunned by the popcorn “theft”.

Cine employee spread widely Tik Tok After revealing a big secret about girths popcorn that you can purchase at any time Cinema.

The TikToker Hahahahahahahahaha It revealed in July 2021 that people who bought medium popcorn may have been duped, as small and medium actually contain the same amount of popcorn.

Hahahahahahahahaha I never expected this to explode, but I hope you don’t get mediocre popcorn? # Screen_Screen_Video #comedy #fyp # O Lord #funny #Movie #Births _ of _ the _ employee ♬ Smallest violin in the world – AJR

In the viral clip that was shown 13 million times, its user Tik Tok Pretend to be a customer ordering his snack Cinema.

Then the salesperson shows the client the sizes: a large bucket, a regular bucket and a baby bag.

Customer orders the junior bag for 8 ounces because the medium bucket is “too much.” But as soon as he gets the bag of popcorn, he changes his mind and orders the medium size.

To explain why the volumes are a scam, the concessions employee empties a small bag of popcorn into the middle bucket, fills it to the top and charges €9 for the same amount of food.

Despite the different packaging and pricing, a small bag of popcorn appears to contain about the same amount of popcorn as an average bucket.

TikTok ends with the customer asking for the small bag back after seeing the scam with their own eyes and realizing they were paying more for the same product.

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