December 5, 2023

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My sister died of meningitis.

My sister died of meningitis.

the Fanis El Moratidis He gave an interview on Tet A Tet and mentioned among other things his childhood and the difficult management of the loss of his sister. In particular, the actor said: “My parents raised two children in Thessaloniki and I lost my sister who left when she was very young. We were about two years apart. I was also very young but I remember him very well. I have vivid memories of him. My sister was younger than me, he was about two and he was four. He has He died of meningitis because that was the disease at the time and my parents didn’t have the proper medical experience to be 100% aware of that.”

“During the trip they understood the disease. My sister left and after a few years my next sister came, with whom we have a difference of about 12 years. We have a wonderful relationship because basically I also had a role … a mission from my parents to my sister. That is, if the expression is permissible it was an inheritance. In other words, I somehow took charge of her, because we also had this age difference, I remember many dates with my friends and my sister was also present because I was taking care of her and I couldn’t leave her somewhere with the stroller.

“I was conscious early on and aware of the whole thing because the feelings of loss in the beginning were strange. Why are you happy first because you will now be the center of the world, where the care has been shared but along the way you realize that the loss is about a huge amount of loneliness that you can’t handle. All It scares you and you have to find a way out of it. It was also very difficult for my parents because they were too young to handle it themselves. They tried but it got over you and it’s something that won’t go away in the end.” Fanis El Moratidis said.

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