June 1, 2023

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My Style Rocks: Nicole wears … “Aunt” and Stelios Koudounaris “fizzed” – “Horrible clothes”

Blood was ignited after Nicole Despotopoulos’s fashion show My style rocks On Thursday (18/5). The player mentioned in her concept that she was going to renew her godfather’s vows, and the presenter, Caterina Karafato, was affected because she remembers her vows.

The judges judged the player’s appearance very strictly, despite her teammates rating her very well. Seleni Fotiadis gave it a “three” citing in her review her objections that the contestant chose to wear vintage clothes and even She noted that her appearance reminded her of the 65-year-old French teacher.

“I like the look in general, of course I do not agree with this type of jacket, because I think it is intended for older ages, that is, I wear it like this, and yet I like the pieces themselves. I like the colors, okay me this moreover I have French teachers who are 65 years old“Celini even said … Olga jumped”The ones with the preservative open here at the shoulder And Radaki looks on from within».

“I’m 26 and approaching June. From 30 onwards I’m going to start hiding. I’m one of them” Nicole responded with a laugh at her teammates’ age comments.

Then the player stood before the jury and there her words were not… dusted.“Why are you dressed as a godmother?” Dimitris Skolos commented sarcastically.

“You’re like Aunt Nicoletta going to her baptism, her terrible clothes.” he said angry Stelios Codonaris.

“3s, 4s? Now they will tell us that everyone has their own point of view.” added immediately afterwards.

«This costume is for an older woman, and has references from another era. It’s hard to make it contemporary. Extra-large jewelry, and those gauzy tunics, plus-size women want. On a small woman disappears, half look. But how did you end up with this outfit? How is that possible?’ asked the designer, annoyed by the contestant’s lack of stylistic awareness.

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