June 2, 2023

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Mykonos: They keep the heaters on even at night

Mega’s post-mortem in Mykonos for construction irregularities – police plan to tackle lawlessness on the island.

Whatever the buzz among archaeologists about urban planning extravaganzas and mafia methods – and not just that – Mykonos Bulldozers continue their work, moving it at night.

During the MEGA post-mortem at Windmill Island, bulldozers can be heard being pulled forward again for construction irregularities and, according to reports, buildings and structures are being erected and work is being carried out in a matter of days. At night and… protect the coolers

“There have been complaints within the municipality about arbitrary construction, and there are even posts on Facebook about what Panormos looked like and how it happened,” says lawyer Alexandra Timo.

“The spontaneous actions took place mainly at night, not near the city,” says Christos Veronis, a former mayor of Mykonos and a civil engineer.

Ariadni Deohari, an architect, describes to MEGA a situation that has reached an impasse over the past 12 years.

“Permits that can be issued off-plan on four acres are 200 meters and 1,200. Limestone dominated, and the constructions we found suddenly turned into large stores.

A map of iniquity

Beyond the land of Mykonos, we find Panormos, Elia, Fanari, Ftelia and Harakas on the lawlessness map, with the most recent building violations, near archaeological sites, coastal or undeveloped zones.

Lawlessness on the island of Wind stretches all the way to the coast of Mykonos. Baraka Beach is next to Plati Gialos on the map with the most building overpasses.

In a major operation of sanitary interest in Panormos Mykonos, a post-mortem carried out yesterday by the Urban Planning of Syros and Archaeologists discovered piles of violations. Reports suggest that tens of thousands of square meters of work has been carried out without any permission.

“Where the good world goes, unfortunately comes the underworld,” said Christos Veronis, former mayor of Mykonos and political engineer.

The people of the area are worried about what will happen if the light falls. Will necessary inspections be done to stop illegal construction or will everything continue as before?

Police plan to tackle lawlessness in Mykonos

At least 130 police officers from the Fiscal Police Department and elsewhere are involved in the ELAS program to end lawlessness in Mykonos.

Residents and multiple agencies have been asking for a permanent police presence throughout the year, not just during summer.

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