December 4, 2023

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Mysterious love message on camera

Mysterious love message on camera

The message that needs .. decryption, but only the recipient will be able to decipher it, send Maria Scary Through the camera after her first win in Australian Open Championship.

Scarry after beating Yuan 2-0went to the camera to sign, and wrote in Greek: “TOOT SAGAILABPOU”.

Something in Greek has a heart, perhaps for her lover, for Sakari, who awaits the 17-year-old Russian, Diana Snyder, in the next round.

“I’m not the tallest player on tour, but I’m strong.”

Maria Sakkari said in her statements after the end of the match that the court also helped her qualify for the second round after a very aggressive match.

“It was the first time I’d seen it and I was nervous. When you know someone, you know what to expect. But when you don’t know them there are difficulties. The FA Cup helped me, and the conditions in Perth were similar. It’s a slow pitch, but I like that it’s hot and the ball bounces.” “It’s something I don’t like about this tournament,” she said characteristically in her post-match remarks.

Then I was asked about her physical condition. “I’ve said many times that gymnastics is my hobby, and I love playing sports. I don’t feel good about my body lying on the couch. If I don’t work out in the gym, I know I won’t feel good about my game. I’m not the tallest player on tour, if I don’t.” If I’m strong, my game won’t be strong.”

In the end, the audience was stunned again. “I say it every year. I feel like it’s my hometown championship. In general the people are very friendly here, I can live in this city. There is nothing I don’t like about this country and the Greek presence definitely helps. They are always here and support us, I feel at home.”

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