October 1, 2023

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Mytileneos “uses” to change seat and enter an international stock exchange

Mytileneos “uses” to change seat and enter an international stock exchange

Two bombs with recipients European Commission But so is she next government Yesterday delivered S Evangelos Mytileneus. One was the attraction of the USA over Europe to host investments while providing great incentives and not “good wishes” as he usually said, and the second was the possibility of changing the corporate headquarters which Mr. Mytilenius had left open but committed to. Clearer decisions later in the summer when first-semester financial results are announced.

Many are wondering what the reasons were for the powerful businessman – in the wake of yesterday’s big business deal of $1.1 billion in Canada – He decided to talk to the Oracles about his next moves.

Regardless of the fact that He himself separated this position from political developmentsin the market appreciate it The businessman sent letters With this statement, and in fact at a time when the investment climate in the country is considered more than positive and the result of the recent elections becomes an indication of stability and the advancement of the country and the absence of political risks.

However, yesterday Mr. Mytileneos spoke of the pressure put on him by the company’s international shareholders who believe that Mytileneos is trading at humiliating levels and explained that today it is more difficult to get the valuations it deserves in Greece than in developed countries.

As he characteristically said, The large foreign houses that believe in the company do not increase their equity investments because they are constrained by the investment restrictions that govern emerging markets.

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for the bond

Continuing, Mr. Mytileneus stated that despite the fact that the performance at Company purchase and its counterpart at the same level investment gradeYou cannot yet secure them from international investment houses, because the country must first redeem the investment grade. If this happens and the country moves to developed markets, there will be an investment explosion of funds, which, he said, is a strong incentive for the company and its headquarters to stay in Greece.

Stocks for taxation

The Mytilene administration was particularly critical of the outgoing government’s economic policy, saying that “ND has changed our lights on ‘taxing super profits'”He sharply criticized pre-election crowns for taxation, which he said would be good if missed from the remarks a few days before the election, because they indicated the unpleasant period of the memoirs.

to invest in America

The company’s international orientation, especially in mature foreign markets, is clear and unequivocal. Which also reflects yesterday’s announcement of the acquisition of 5 photovoltaic parks with a capacity of 1.4 GW for 1.1 billion. Although Mr. Mytileneus once again avoided putting himself directly into the company’s plan for a dual listing on an international stock exchange, pointing to the revelation of the following conference call with analysts, that within the design is to set up an aluminum plant in North America or Canada, markets that not only support new investments. from 20% to 30%, but it also has the lowest energy costs.

Back to PPC and BOAK

The position of Mr. Mytileneus was interesting Issuance of the electricity supply contract with PPC, which expires at the end of the year but also for construction projects. For the first time, it was reported that Mytileneus was strong enough to secure the supply of aluminum in Greece. But he emphasized that in addition to the group’s supply sources (RES, natural gas) it is not taboo to keep 10% to 20% of PPC in the supply basket. For construction, he said so There is a lot of interest in the axis of the northern route of Crete that came up with Actor privileges And that sharing the scheme does not play the role of an intruder. Regarding Atiki Odos, he said that it is a project with different characteristics that is also interesting.

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“green” Aquarius

He said addressing shareholdersThey will be amazed at the results and returns of the renewable energy sector the coming months. As he said, the “green” bucket includes income from APE projects held by the company and income from the sale of turnkey built-and-operated projects (conversion of construction operations), which is estimated to generate EBITDA of more than €250 million.

a description green pillar financing model, said to operate at 15% profit of projects it transfers and delivers on time and in this way it can finance other renewable energy projects without having to borrow.

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