February 7, 2023

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NASA: We Discover ‘Second Earth’ 100 Light Years Away – What We Know About TOI 700e

An important discovery made by NASAsuch as a space telescope he-goatspotted another exoplanet that looks like it a land.

It’s about him The 700ewhich is about 100 light-years away and 95% the size of Earth, slightly smaller, and possibly rocky.

the “second earthIt appears to be moving around its star (a small, relatively cool M-type red dwarf) at a distance suitable for the existence of liquid water and the development of life.

Astronomers had previously detected three planets in the same system, TOI b, c and d. The latter also moves in the habitable zone and resembles the Earth.

Researchers led by an astronomer Emily Gilbert From NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Southern California, this announcement was made at a conference in American Astronomical Society in Seattle, while publication in The Astrophysical Journal Letters will follow.

“This is one of the few systems with many small, potentially habitable planets that we know of. This makes the TOI 700 system eminently suitable for further study. Planet e is about 10% smaller than planet d, so it turns out,” Gilbert said. Additional observations with TESS allow us to find smaller and smaller worlds.”

The star TOI 700 is located in the southern constellation of Dorado, and in 2020 an exoplanet (D) similar to Earth (and 20% larger than it) was discovered around it.

The innermost planet b, which is 90% the size of Earth, has a year of ten days (the time of one full revolution around its parent star), c is 2.5 times larger than Earth and has an age of 16 days, d has a year of 37 days, and e has 28 days.

TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) launched in April 2018 and is now a prime exoplanet hunter for NASA, having discovered 285 confirmed exoplanets and more than 6,000 candidates to date. TOI stands for TESS Object of Interest.

TOI 700 continues to be observed with TESS, as well as other ground and space telescopes. The TOI 700 system is the second most interesting system for astronomers after the closest one Trappist-1 At a distance of 39.5 light years from Earth, there are seven planets similar to ours.

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