February 6, 2023

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Natasha Theodoridou is one of us – the new habit and no makeup photos

The 52-year-old singer got to know us.

the Natasha Theodoridou She is one of the most successful singers of her generation and has made an impressive career in this field. The darling artist continues her successful appearances in a famous nightclub with Giorgos Kakosaos, and she never stops being a full-time mother to her two only daughters.

The 52-year-old revealed several times through her social media profiles about the wonderful relationship she has with her daughters. Christiana, from her marriage to Takis Pita, and Adriana, from her marriage to Andreas Faustanos, are her first priority. Mother and daughters are inseparable, and at every opportunity they try to spend time together, having fun like best friends.

Natasha Theodoredou’s relationship with her ex-husband should be imitated

Natasha Theodoridou in the most intricate video of her dressing room

A few hours ago, Cristiana Pita was in her mother’s dressing room and she did not hesitate to be photographed, later posting the snapshots on Instagram.

We started Pilates today.Christiana asks her mother.

“Gymnastics brings me sadness, fatigue, sadness and trouble! Don’t look at me that way, I put it on to wear it. I love you!”says the singer to the camera in a visibly cheerful mood and bursts into laughter.


“For me, Google writes the right age. When you have a 28-year-old, what do you hide? And why do you hide? I feel so good… I’m not saying you don’t sometimes look in the mirror and see a wrinkle you don’t like or you don’t wake up very well and say “It’s all right”. Take Andreas Faustanos and ask him what you’ve done. Have him tell you. Why tell you? DI work abroad. I am one of those people for whom exercise does not bring well-being, it brings sadness, sadness and fatigue. I’m not saying I eat whatever I want and I’m cool. considerate. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I sleep well and for long hours”And the The singer mentioned in a previous interview.

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Uncomplicated makeup from the free posts of Natasha Theodoridou

The famous singer is a daily presence on Instagram and posts snapshots from her dressing room, home, or outings with her daughters.


There aren’t a few times that the 52-year-old has posted makeup-free videos or pictures of herself, proving how relaxed and uncomplicated she can be.


Natasa Theodoridou is a dynamic woman who is growing up beautifully and totally in tune with her image.


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