November 28, 2023

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Neo Heraklion: Fire at a workshop reveals warehouse of stolen vehicles – Newsbaum – News

Neo Heraklion: Fire at a workshop reveals warehouse of stolen vehicles – Newsbaum – News

Disruption of car theft gang – 2 arrested – 12 investigations – 13 cars seized

Gang members removed by Attica Security’s Northeast Attica Security Directorate They were stealing After disassembling the cars and disassembling them, they offered their parts for sale to a legal entity active in the sale of used spare parts.

On 9-28-2023 in the afternoon they were arrested by the Rapid Action Police officers. Heraklion Region, 2 people, gang members, are looking for their accomplices.

They were charged – as in the case – with complicity and continuance of significant thefts, negligent arson and violation of the Money Laundering Prevention and Suppression Act. Criminal proceedings.

such as The time frame of the case, After the emergency response center was alerted to a fire in a building in Heraklion area, the police found a large number of stolen vehicles with license plates and spare parts in the basement of the building and took the accused to the headquarters. Deputy Directorate of Security of Northeast Attica seized for preliminary investigation.

After a combined assessment of intelligence data, gang activity was determined He was involved in car thefts From various parts of Attica, its components were resold as used spare parts.

As for their modus operandi, the gang members, after disposing of the cars, took them to the warehouse of a legitimate company. Selling used partsThey used it as a “showcase”.

There they disassembled the vehicles and then, after disassembling their parts, made them available for sale. Used parts business.

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It is noteworthy that they have created an infrastructure of knowledge:

  • Disposing of stolen vehicles seems to have been carried over particularly easily throughout the day;
  • Their disposal workshop and
  • Creating a spare parts distribution network to convert stolen goods into financial advantage for them.

During a search of the Company’s warehouse and their possession, the following were found and seized:

  • -13- cars, 10 of which were identified as stolen.
  • Numerous accessories like frames, car doors, console, -6- lights,
  • -3- Motor vehicle licences,
  • -2- License plates and
  • -875- Euro size.

-12- Solved car thefts from various parts of Attica.

The arrested individuals have been taken to the criminal prosecutor of Athens, while investigations continue to identify and arrest other members of the criminal group.