May 30, 2023

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New Amsterdam Season 5: Everything we know so far

After an intense and grueling season 4, this article argues that the show has failed to bring anything truly jovial. New Amsterdam, a show widely touted as having ‘more joy’ this season, is struggling without finding any major plot-lines that inject even a hint of good or happy memories.

Veronica Fuentes came packing some big changes for the hospital as she is trying to get the hospital on a more sound budgetary footing. There have been multiple speculations as to what will happen to the New Amsterdam hospital during this current season, but what is going to happen with the show?

Short  Recap on  New Amsterdam  season 4

After the season four premiere of New Amsterdam started off well enough, life at New Amsterdam has spiraled out of control. Veronica Fuentes, the new medical director at New Amsterdam, is tasked with balancing the books and turning the struggling hospital around by any means necessary.

The plan of the couple has been complicated because of her arrival. With an aggressive approach, Veronica has Max backed into a corner over the hospital’s budget and a cyber-attack on New Amsterdam which ended with supporting cast members losing their jobs.

Once the show went on hiatus, New Amsterdam continued without two of its most-loved figures as Helen and Max moved to the UK but it didn’t take long before Max found his place within an unfamiliar health system. He quickly returned to New Amsterdam to stop Veronica Fuentes from undoing all of his patient work with no one else at his job.

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Is New Amsterdam season 5 going to happen?

Some sources have confirmed that the show is going to end. Although the show won’t be disappearing from our screens for good with NBC confirming that there will be a fifth and final season. Midway through season 2, NBC renewed the show for a third and fourth and fifth season.

New Amsterdam will run for at least five seasons. Due to a decrease in viewership, the decision has been made to end the show rather than offer another renewal. During the 2022-23 TV season, a final 13 episodes of New Amsterdam will be produced before the series concludes for good.