December 4, 2022

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New “Call of Duty” graphics…not found (vid)

The viral video “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” appears not at all different from reality.

popular game First person shooter It seems that she took graphic design to another level by creating a version of her capital Holland Which at first glance one might think is a city movie.

The game coming out next Friday (28/10) features a mission that takes a short walk around his city AmsterdamWhich is famous for its canals, bikes and popular bars.

Some suggest that in this case, it sends to Amsterdam It’s pretty much a “walkable” mission, where you don’t fight a massive battle, but just go down a predetermined path on the road with minimal fighting. It appears to have been created specifically to demonstrate the capabilities of the technology. And the possibilities are… HUGE!

This is just the first game made using this new technologyThis means offering much bigger and better offers while still maximizing its potential.

Fans are justifiably excited for the game’s release on October 28th as new features have been added to the game such as “War Zone 2” And the “ground war”Exactly whatever this is.

A fan became unruly: โ€œI can just walk around here for hours without shooting. I think I’d have more fun looking at these scenes!โ€

Someone else pointed out: “I have to say the graphics of the game have come out a lot since the Bong days.”

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