February 5, 2023

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New coming tire replacement support, how will you change doors and windows

The new Save program “changes” and brings with it benefits for the complete renovation of your home.

Energy Minister Costas Skrekas confirmed a few days ago that a new “Save at Home” program will be announced with support for energy protection for homes as well as bathroom tiles renovation and even tire replacement, noting that in the next two weeks the Save for business guide will be published in advance.

He also announced a program to replace and install modern solar water heaters funded by repower eu and a program to replace and purchase 250,000 small solar panels on the rooftops of homes and businesses. The goal is to launch the program by the end of the year.

What costs does the program cover?

Eligible interventions are quite similar to those of the traditional ‘Exkoonamo’ programmes.

More specifically, it covers:

tire replacement,

external thermal insulation,

heating cooling systems,

domestic hot water supply systems,

Smart home appliances as well as simple household electrical appliances, which are foreseen in a separate program “Recycling – Device Change”.

Regarding upgrade interventions not related to energy saving, i.e. regeneration part, they include:

Renovation of bathrooms and replacement of sanitary ware.

renovation of kitchen areas,

entrance door replacement,

replacement and repair of electrical installations,

plumbing replacement and repair,

replace flooring surfaces,

Coatings and repair of structural elements.

So after solar water heaters as well as renovation in the bathrooms, tires take their turn because they provide better energy protection for the home as with new tires, heating losses are reduced.

Terms of participation in the program

The conditions for participation are family income

Up to €50,000 (for saving) and

Up to €20,000 (renewable).

At the same time, the home must be privately owned and occupied or the new owner must have usufruct and be rated energy class C or lower.

Finally, it must be legally present and already in use or about to be used.

Solar support

The new solar water heater subsidy program – which “distributes” €800 to €1,000 – will be funded by repowerEU, and will start by the end of the year.

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