December 3, 2022

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New God of War after Ragnarok? Santa Monica replied

as it seems, God of War Ragnarok director wants the beloved franchise to continue Thus not only is it impossible to see a new chapter in the future, but it is also possible. specifically, Eric Williams, along with Corey Barlog and other core members Santa Monica Studio Grant full interview to Los Angeles TimesMarking the launch of Ragnarok, which concludes the epic of Norse history.

So, in that vein, studio executives briefly mentioned what the future holds. without revealing much, The Santa Monica studio is “currently expanding into a lot of different things,” Barlog noted. He refused to elaborate further when pressured by the media.

However, God of War seems to have a future, since completing Barlog’s remarks, Williams added that if the team decides to fully commit to the God of War series, that’s “no shame”.

I remember talking to someone from another game company who was trying to get me out of it. He said to me, “Do you want to be known as the man who made God of War for the rest of his life?” This was his big argument for my ethnicity and in the end it didn’t work, because yeah, I kind of want it.

For the record, in addition to God of War, the team has previously published and assisted on several independent titles, such as the award-winning Journey and Bound. In fact, there was information that before he finally got to grips with the God of War reboot that arrived in 2018, he was working on a science fiction project that got canceled. We can’t tell if he’s now setting up a new IP, a new God of War, or both.

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