December 5, 2023

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Niger: When using tires, roll the decorator in Lady Hassan

Niger: When using tires, roll the decorator in Lady Hassan

#other countries In Niger, a young woman recycles old tires and plastic waste into decorative items and home accessories. An initiative that contributes to preserving the environment.

In her workshop in the family home, Mrs. Hassan Mani prepares her materials for making a table. Since 2017, I have given up on small businesses to start recycling used plastic and tires. An initiative that, in her opinion, is beneficial to the environment.

“I chose used tires and plastic bags because they are among the waste that takes the longest to disappear in nature. This is a problem for our health and for the environment. That is why they are made into accessories,” she explains.

Equipped with a hammer, a drill, a screwdriver, nails or glue, the daily life of Mrs. Hassan 80% interspersed with focus. She needs it to succeed in her business. But first, you must collect and process the components. “For this work, I first collect raw materials from tire repair shops at a fixed price and often for free. After collecting, I disinfect them before painting. Then I insert other items such as glass and struts,” the artist and designer explains.

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If Mrs. Hassan’s business is sold to a very specific clientele, however, it is aimed at people from all walks of life. She explains: “My clients are above all fine personalities, who discover my articles through exhibitions and publications on social networks. Outside of tables, I also manufacture bags and all kinds of furniture as requested by the customer. I would like other people to be interested in my articles.”

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Mrs. Hassan works alone in her studio, and dreams of imparting her knowledge. And this vision is already written in its development plan: “My ambition in the future is to create a big company, so that I can employ young people. Because many people write to me to benefit from training, but I cannot answer, because my workshop is not big enough and I I work at home.