December 4, 2023

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Nikolakopoulos: Image from Mitchell’s Five Changes – Kostas Nikolakopoulos – Essays

Nikolakopoulos: Image from Mitchell’s Five Changes – Kostas Nikolakopoulos – Essays

· Sunday’s game against Levadiakos, the way it turned out, 3-0 from the 49th minute and 4-0 from the 58th minute, was an opportunity for Mitchell to give enough playing time to his players who don’t play much. The general feeling is that the five ‘red and white’ who came on as a substitute really helped, but they could have used this opportunity better.

· Qasimi, while in a temper, compact, went long and wide, and was robbed at the start of the inning 6-0, had a tragic end to the period that denied him a chance to put the icing on a cake. One good presence.

· Beteky wasn’t quite as good as he was in his first game in Philadelphia, where he was disappointed, but he didn’t click either. He had two or three good actions (partnership with Kasimi, disposal of the opponent, a cross into the disallowed Al Arabi goal), but his reaction when he was roughed up was painful, his left cross was very bad and he easily lost a ball.

· Valbuena exudes energy and you really enjoy watching him give his all even in the 20 minutes he plays. The fifth goal came in turn, he gave an assist to Al-Arabi, who missed another goal, he executed a corner kick well!

· The Arab was not in the same mood, I think. He missed a goal that, under normal circumstances, would have been easy for him, in the face of the goalkeeper, and if he did not participate in the sixth goal, he would probably have gone unnoticed. Let’s note that he scored from an offside position, remembering that due to his poor positioning (it was also revealed there) Brosaille’s goal in the 89th minute against PAO was disallowed …

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· Kanos was the best who came on as a substitute, not only because he scored two goals in three finals from within the zone, but precisely because he showed once again that he can smell the stages, while he had others, at least three more goals. Behaving in a good manner. I don’t know about his ability to win duels though, I have my doubts from what he has shown so far.

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