November 29, 2022

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Nikoloannis: This is how Jovanovic will benefit from friendly matches” – Football – Super League 1 – Panathinaikos

Plan… its mini setup Panathinaikoboth in Koropos and then in Cyprus, which he analyzed in “The Air”. bwinSPORT FM 94.6.0 Update Tasos Nikologiannis.

«Panathinaikos has a statement, next Tuesday morning everyone will be tested for coronavirus and in the afternoon they will train. I must also say that the internationals will take a vacation next week, meaning they will be back on November 28 when the team leaves for Cyprus. What Jovanovic wants in the three friendlies there is to integrate new players and get playing time for those who haven’t played yet.He said among other things.

The station’s reporter confirmed this Jovanovic Couldn’t Find Players to Say ‘I Like’ Them And to start negotiations with them on the part of the “clover”, but he already sees the goal of not delaying the transfers he needs right away, in the wingers and midfielders of the first stage.

While Nikologionis referred to the performance of the three Slovenes who play for Panathinaikos against Romania yesterday.

At the same time we are talking about the possibility of its acquisition ChristensenHe’s in good shape with the resale value of the greens, he noted, but he’s competing in the 6-8 primarily, so he’s not a priority.

Listen to the audio:

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