February 6, 2023

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Nina Chronopoulou: “These two people…” – Laigiz on air

Interview in the program »Helenshe confessed Nina Chronopoulouwith tears in her eyes, she spoke about her 18-year-old son Christos, Thasos Mitropoulos, and “4amea”.

“The ‘4amea’ space is the space of our hearts and we created it with my husband, Thasos Mitropoulos. It is a place of love, support and parenthood. Christos is a child who will not be 100% independent. He will not be a soldier, however, he can now walk, run, sing and participate everywhere. He has outgrown himself and the doctors’ expectations.

“I had a very strong father and mother and that is how I was brought up. Little did I know about the fate that was in store for me, that I would be a widow at thirty-nine, and lose the ground from under my feet with the birth of my child. I learned to see the light, not the dark.” God save me on the brakes. I’m not a hero, I’m just a mother. There are a lot of mothers like me,” Nina Chronopoulou added.

As for Tasos Mitropoulos, Nena Chronopoulou said: “I met a man who looked a lot like us. After losing our fellow men, we met and understood each other. I never understood his tears for Elena Nathanael, nor did he misunderstand my tears for Makis Mavrakis. These two people did not leave our lives. Not even a father can My baby’s biological is to leave, but the woman with whom I made a huge tasos trip can’t.”

In closing, Nina Chronopoulou said: “My book ‘I’m a Child, I’m an Angel’ is an honest effort to accept and know disability. Now I can go back to the stage and I’ll be back with Christos.”

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