May 30, 2023

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No more burnt-out Ryzen CPUs – the official solution from AMD

As we informed you, in the past few days a new problem has emerged that worries new owners Ryzen 7000 processors And AM5 motherboards, since the activation of overclocking profiles for ready memory can in some cases burn CPUs and motherboards. Certainly a scenario no one wants to encounter on their new PC.

AMD acknowledged the problem almost immediately, and initially stated that it was investigating. Now, however, there is an official solution. The company found the cause of the problem and returned the new one AGESA firmware Which adds safeguards to prevent this from happening again, without limiting overclocking.

The new software has already been delivered to motherboard manufacturers, so within the next few days there should be BIOS updates for almost all compatible models. Obviously, if you have such a system, it is recommended that you upgrade as soon as it becomes available.

This is a new official statement from AMD on the media issue I support you:

We’ve identified the cause of the problem and have already distributed a new AGESA with limits for certain power rails on AM5 motherboards, to prevent the CPU from running beyond its specification limits, including a SOC voltage limit of 1.3V. None of these changes affects the ability of Ryzen 7000 series processors to overclock memory using EXPO or XMP clusters, or increase performance using PBO technology.

We expect all of our partners to release new BIOS for their AM5 motherboards in the coming days. We recommend that all users check their motherboard manufacturer’s website and update their BIOS to ensure their system has the latest software for their processor.

If anyone has a CPU that may have been affected by this issue, they should contact AMD customer support. Our team is aware of the situation and gives priority to these cases.

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