February 7, 2023

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No more PlayStation 5 inventory issues

As part of Sony’s press conference for the world’s largest tech show, CES 2023, the company delivered some good news for those looking to buy. Playstation 5. Specifically, the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, practically put it this way PS5 stock releases will end in 2023.

More specifically, Ryan pointed to the “unprecedented” manufacturing issues the company has had to deal with since the next-generation console debuted in 2020. However, at the same time It promised that PS5 stock would now be more readily available And He hinted that issues of limited availability are a thing of the pastsince everyone who wants to buy a PS5 will be able to do so easily in 2023.

Notably, Ryan also announced that December 2022 was the best month in PS5 history, as the console sold more than ever before, and reached a sales milestone. You can find out the latest information about the console trade cycle Click here.

For the record, the PS5 originally debuted on November 19, 2020, priced at €399 for the digital model and €499 for the Blu-ray-capable model. However, at the end of August 2022, Sony made an extraordinary announcement, officially raising the retail price of the PlayStation 5 in Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, Canada, and more.

Specifically, in Greece, the PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray costs € 549.99, while if you want to get the PS5 Digital Edition, you will have to pay € 449.99. In other words, both versions of the console got a €50 increase over their original price.

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