February 6, 2023

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No “sorry” or “accused death” from Spiegel

German newspaper Spiegel made no “apology” in its new report on Evros’ stranded refugees, nor did it mention the “alleged death” of little Maria on the island, despite what Citizen Protection Minister Takis did. Theodorikakos and similar pro-government publications are lying on the media (reference: “Der Spiegel: Apology and full retraction on the death of a 5-year-old refugee girl on the island of Evros”, ertnews, “Apology and a total retraction from Spiegel on the “dead Maria” of Evros”, protothema.gr , ” Spiegel: Evros apologizes and retracts for “Dead Maria” in tanea.gr, “Spiegel Apologizes and retracts for Evros’s “Dead Maria”, Sci. gr).

Although the magazine mentions Errors in reports published in August and September, He took it back, and he didn’t ask for an “apology” anywhere. Worse still, it did not come to a definitive conclusion about the death and existence of little Maria, and certainly nowhere did it refer to “alleged death,” a translation cited by the pro-government media as false. The article refers to “accused death”, which is quite different.

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A mistranslation of “alleged death” as “alleged death” was included in a similar translated text of the Spiegel publication in Greek, indicating that it was mishandled by a source who distributed the mistranslation to most of the Greek media. Completely recreated it.

In fact, all publications add the following author’s note to the text of the translation, which is not in the Spiegel publication: “(ss: these are the statements of the journalist Maximilian Pop, our review AP: 1320/20.8.22) ,” which proves the common origin of the translation with the hijacking.

Spiegel insists there is “no conclusive evidence” of the girl’s death. He certainly notes, “There are some indications that some of the refugees may have discovered death in their despair. Perhaps they thought they would be saved”, though he concludes with the following statement: “In winter the islands are partially covered by water. As time passes, there is less chance of a body being found. That is why this story is beyond doubt.” It does not come to a conclusion beyond that.”

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Takis Theodorikakos emphasizes fake news

“Eph.Syn.” As written, Spiegel figured it out The refugees were spotted on the island off the Greek border at least on July 25 and denies claims by Civil Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos that police have been unable to find any refugees on the island, casting his statements as cynical. “It’s not particularly believable. […] “The Greek government’s argument that the rescue of refugees is impossible under any circumstances because the island in Kissari is partly Turkish,” he writes, “seems cynical.”

Mr. Theodoricagos began to assert the characteristics of unreliability and cynicism. “Even Spiegel is apologizing today for writing in August about the island of Evros and the death of a 5-year-old girl. After all, so did the NGO involved,” he writes, commenting on the publication. Thus, it accepts the double act of “apology” and “melted death” and adds another falsehood: the organization HumanRights360 neither apologizes nor denies the girl’s death. Epaminondas Farmakis’ manager noted “false confidence [οι πρόσφυγες] were on Greek soil”, which is refuted by the new Spiegel report. Mr. Theodorikakos knows all this, or needs to know if he wants to preserve his seriousness and not reproduce lies. His statements about the ownership of the Greek-speaking island and his non-existent claims that the refugees could not be found and rescued. He must answer.

Finally, he and the political leadership of the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum must apologize for personal attacks on Spiegel’s correspondent in Greece, George Christidis, who has said his answers were very careful, but constantly changed. From headquarters, he obtained permission from his teachers to visit the refugees at the prison’s KYT and announced his status as an interpreter.

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Christos Spirtzis: “They even distort Spiegel’s research”

The distortion, propaganda, distortion and fake news of Spiegel’s investigation was attributed to the government by Christos Spirtzis, head of the Department of Civil Defense.

His statement follows

“Even on the last day of the year they didn’t stop their campaign to destroy the Spiegel investigation.

By reproducing fake news in the ever-eager pro-government media, the government continues its propaganda policy on the last day of the year, trying to claim the Spiegel investigation into the 38 refugee case as its vindication.

Even on the last day of the year we did not stop exposing the lies of the Mitsotakis government and shining a light on the truth.


First of allSpiegel recognizes – as GES has been doing for months – that Kissari Island is Greek despite the government’s lies.

Secondly, refutes the government’s position that efforts to locate these refugees have failed. Features include:

«[Η κυβερνητική θέση] She is not particularly believable. The refugees were on Kissari Island at least on July 25, 2022, according to geolocation data from refugee photos, the location of which was made available to authorities and the European Court of Human Rights. The island is less than a kilometer long and in some places only a few meters from the Greek mainland. There is a Greek border police station nearby. The Greek government’s argument that the rescue of the refugees was never possible because the island in Kissari is partly Turkish seems cynical…. The Greek government’s account of events is also wrong. In some cases, according to Spiegel’s investigation, refugees from the group were actually on Greek soil — and could be tracked there by Greek police without any problems.”

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Thirdly, there is no denial of the girl’s death anywhere. In contrast, Spiegel, the parents she met at the refugee facility in Drama, the two refugees from the group she spoke to in the Netherlands and Germany, insist on the child’s death, just as they did when they were granted asylum.

He also notes that despite pressure to change their testimony, the statements of the parents and other refugees in their asylum interviews speak of the child’s death.

38 SYRIZA’s position on the issue of refugees was clear from the beginning, recalling that they had protection measures from the European Court of Human Rights.

After all, at least the government must have collected them from the Greek island, or it must have raised the issue politically, putting pressure on Turkey by the UN and the EU to investigate what happened on the island. Provide support to refugees in Turkey.

Unfortunately, instead of these options, the government chose to deal with the problem with communication and far-right reflexes that characterized it with tragic results, including Greece’s international image. It takes a lot of courage to point the finger now.

2022 is gone, and with it the propaganda, lies and social apathy of the Mitsotakis government.

Happy New Year.