December 7, 2022

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Nvidia’s RTX 4080 12GB is rumored to return as the RTX 4070 Ti – Nvidia

Nvidia has discontinued the release of the 12GB RTX 4080 graphics card Last monthAfter feedback on the name and pricing policy chosen by the company.

Now a popular Twitter account with a very good leak record is reporting that the Nvidia GPU will be returning as the RTX 4070 Ti in January, as Nvidia tries to fix the mess surrounding two RTX 4080 cards that had completely different specifications and performance, but the same name.

Twitter user kopite7kimi reported that “the original RTX 4080 12GB will be renamed the RTX 4070 Ti” while answering questions about the release date, and confirmed that it will be next January. kopite7kimi had previously successfully predicted the RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 specifications and that the RTX 4090 would require 450 watts of power.

Restoring a 12GB RTX 4080 like the RTX 4070 Ti is a totally logical move. Nvidia was heavily criticized for recalling the 12GB RTX 4080 model, especially when the 16GB model fared much better. The RTX 4080 12GB was supposed to start at $899 and include 7,680 CUDA cores, a 2.31GHz base clock boosted to 2.61GHz, 639 Tensor-TFLOPs, 92 RT-TFLOPs, and 40 Shader-TFLOPs. The 16GB RTX 4080 is much more powerful, with 9728 CUDA cores, a 2.21GHz base clock up to 2.51GHz, 780 Tensor-TFLOPs, 113 RT-TFLOPs, and 49 Shader-TFLOPs.

Now the public’s attention is expected to turn to pricing, based on an ad RX 7900 XTX και XT AMD GPUs start at $899, with a December 13 launch date. It’s hard to imagine Nvidia launching an RTX 4070 Ti for the same price ($899) if AMD’s latest GPUs can outperform the more powerful 16GB RTX 4080 or even come close to Nvidia’s flagship RTX 4090 cards. As promised by the company. Nvidia is gearing up to release the RTX 4080 16GB next week, starting at $1,199.

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