April 1, 2023

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Official: Samsung responds publicly after uproar over ‘fake’ moon photos

As we’ve reported to you, there’s been mayhem the past few days on social media, with a completely viral post by a user on Reddit, which has proven to be a clever and relatively easy way to reproduce moon pictures that draws Samsung Galaxy hardware somehow “forged”. The matter has taken on such proportions that the tech giant has now had to take a stand, create a job on its official website to clarify the situation.

In particular, Samsung explained exactly how the moon detection system works behind the scenes in recent Galaxy flagships. In short, if you enable the scene optimizer, the smartphone uses artificial intelligence to detect when you are trying to take a picture of the moon when the zoom is 25X or more. The technology then darkens and captures multiple frames to produce an image with as little noise as possible. accordingly Already a neural network is being used, which enhances detail using high-resolution external images of the moon not taken by the user.

Samsung asserts that its technology does not work if you try to photograph the moon while it is covered in clouds or if you use a photo that was not taken on Earth. The Moon is in a closed orbit with the planet, so we always see the same surface (unless someone goes into space).

Below you can see the official comparison released by the company, which shows the actual image captured by the device, along with the enhanced image produced when the scene optimizer was turned on.

so what’s up? Are the pictures of the moon fake or not? The truth is somewhere in the middle…

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has an excellent camera system with an impressive zoom that can reach very close to the moon. photo produced It cannot be called completely wrongsince It already uses the frameworks that the mobile phone takes as a base. On the other hand, This is not entirely true eitherbecause the end result is terribly different, since then The AI ​​algorithm not only improves what the smartphone captures (for example, with several consecutive shots), but also adds details from external “reference” images Maximum accuracy.

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Samsung’s official infographic shows how to add detail to images of the moon:

In fact, Samsung admits that Scene Optimizer sometimes overdoes it (as in the case of a Reddit user who tricked him into taking a picture of his computer screen when he turned the lights off and instead of getting a blurry image, he got something that simply wasn’t there on his screen). Specifically, the company’s official mail closes by saying:

Samsung continues to improve the Scene Optimizer to reduce any potential confusion that might occur between taking a picture of the real moon and a picture of the moon.

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