March 29, 2023

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OFI – Levadeakos 1-1: “stinging” score of hope by the Boeotians! (vids)

Although Levadiakos took the lead with Nika’s header, they didn’t hold on to the coveted three points as OFI equalized with a goal by Bagets. But with the final at 1-1, the Boeotians left Heraklion with a degree of hope for tonight’s battle.

With 17 points and being in last place on the scoreboard, o Levadian He wants a point or points per game in the playoffs to be able to stay in the division, and on the other hand OFI He has no drive in these matches, because he was saved.

Impulse played a role in Jedi Kule, with Boeotians He left Heraklion with a tied score of 18, although the Cretans not only gave it to them, but also after 1-1 missed many chances for victory. They didn’t do that in the final, which certainly left the visitors satisfied, with the home team reacting after 0-1 and now having 27 points.

How did the two teams get started?

With a 3-4-3 host OFI finished o Valdas Dabrauskas. Mandas was under the posts and Phoros, Pasalidis, and Diamantis made up the triumvirate. Larsson and Thorarinsson fought right and left, respectively. Miyado’s pivot partner was Douchi. Paquette and Balogiannis were at the attacking end with Decos at the top.

By Michelis Gregorio The visiting team, Levadiakos, lined up 3-5-2. Grove was in goal, with Vinicius, Chabra and Paz in front of him. Liagas and Panagiotto covered the flanks, right and left. Mejia, Hammond and Nikas formed the triple axis. Gianniotas’ attacking partner was Sahpikidis.

Mandas and Grove kept calm at first

But let’s take things from the beginning and the first half, the half that was well paced, had phases, but no goals. And he didn’t because for every good moment for both teams, the goalkeepers had the answers.

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The visitors lost their first big chance in the 25th minute with Sahpekidis out to meet manda In an excellent position and the OFI goalkeeper overcomes him with a great tackle.

Six minutes later it was the home side’s turn to come close, but Grove made a good save to beat him deco and a header that kept the score low, while in the next minute he was in the right position for his shot bagets and banned.

Two beautiful goals in the second goal and a wonderful tackle from Manda, who kept the tie at 1-1

The second half started in the best possible way for the guests, who only managed to open the scoring in the 48th minute Gianniotas corner executed ws Nikas He jumped higher than everyone and with a header out of reach sent the ball into the net unable to react mandamaking it 0-1.

From that moment on, the hosts never stopped pressing for an equalizer and in the 73rd minute they managed to do it. In particular, the Cretans won an offense outside the area, with bagets To execute it hard and beat Groff 1-1. the OFI He kept pressing but could not score.

However, it has the greatest opportunity for visitors who are late with manda In a new big operation to hold on to a 1-1 draw, a result that certainly makes the guests feel good who have secured a valuable point in a strong house in the fight they are fighting for redemption.

best player: packets. Not only because of the beautiful goal he scored, but because it was the local player who seemed to live the most. Forward, slash, threaten everything.

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Height: We will put two players. From the guests, Nikas for the beautiful goal with which he opened the scoring and from the home team, Mandas, who also had excellent tackles today.

weak link: It would be unfair in a match like this to put up a weak link, plus two goals we have phases and a relatively fast pace for both teams.

“The error”: Levadeiakou’s defense did so in injury time, but Groff caught Neira and so it didn’t make 2-1.

“Stragali”: When the verdict is not heard, he goes on to say that it went well. This is exactly the case for Zambalas, who, of course, did not go through a difficult period.

The Gazeta treasury: Levadeiakos wanted the point or points, OFI was only playing for prestige because it was mainly saved. Will prevailed with the Boeotians winning the game in which, apart from the two goals, we had good pace and stages.

Group configurations

Ovi (Valdas Dabarawuskas): Mandas, Vouros, Pasalidis (64′ Perea), Diamantis, Larson, Thorarinson, Meyado, Duce (64′ Neira), Bakits (80′ Groning), Balogiannis (72′ Bifuma), Diko.

Levadiakos (Yannis Petrakis): Grove, Liagas, Vinicius, Paz (53′ LT Dentakis), Tsapras, Panagiotto, Hammond, Mejia (84′ Belmont), Nikas (84′ Skvarka), Gianniotas (63′ Jeremyjev), Sahpekidis (84′ Toro).