December 7, 2022

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old girl | Protagon

You are growing up. Blessed case of ages. Of course, some situations strongly develop you. We call it “You’re Mature”. Some achieve a young soul, i.e. youth fluttering, with a free mind buzzing fearlessly for “Could it be?” , to “Could it be so?” The question mark is health, alas for this period. But no matter what… you’re getting older. Time doesn’t turn back, no matter what you do.

I think about her a lot. Suddenly the girl came to my mind. The “big” girl at once. As far as we’ve heard about it, a 12-year-old girl. So much so, that this conversation was touched by him. “Where are you; why don’t you answer; I’m looking for five euros to buy the lions,” Mom, let me calm down. I came to calm down “… 12-year-old girl. Stretcher. Her childhood went wrong. Doomed from birth to lick her wounds alone. Deep orphan. Her mother is now out of the center. The father was reprimanded.

I often think of the girl…”big”. greater than large. Old woman, girl. So much so that they noticed her small eyes, men’s disdain. So much so that he was studying dentures and smelling lint, sweat, semen, foul odor, wild words, evil balls, and glycerin. After someone jumped her, he told her, “Be careful.” We drowned, man, in sympathy. As much as he touched the “big” girl, the genitals, to the point that they pushed her head down… Damn it! And damn it again! How did he get into cars and how did he get into brothels? Tolerance…how literal! And now, as the eldest of her generation, and as a brave one, she is called to get to know others. Meanwhile, a lot of siblings are always in her care. loaded on her back. And mother. On her back loaded. And a father “somewhere”… loaded on her back. How many kilometers of width corresponds to a 12-year-old girl!

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I think about her a lot. Its way is not going back. If you read all this at once… old lady. Was she a child once, if only once in her life?

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