February 7, 2023

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Olympiacos B’ – Kifisia: Final break in the match, left and white

Premier League 2

Olympiacos B withdrew from the match against Kifisia
Eurokinesi Sports

A final stop in the Olympiacos B match against Kifissia, where the red and white players headed to the dressing room after referee Aristides Vatsios returned to the field.

his fight Olympiaco bwith the Kifisia permanently stopped. The referee of the match, Aristides Vatsios, returned to the field after about 45 minutes in the dressing room, but when he ordered the two teams to return to the field, the red and white players headed to the dressing room.

In fact, according to the report of ERT, which covered the match on television, the decision of the “Red and White” took into account the request of the fans of the team not to continue with the match.

We remind you that the match was initially temporarily stopped at the 23rd minute after The red card Kostis received for marking Talal.

This decision sparked strong protests from the home team, With the referee ordering the match to continue owhen the situation calmed down.

However, Olympiacos B players did not enter the field immediately, This led to the referee going straight to the locker room.

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