December 3, 2022

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Olympiacos – Cristiano Ronaldo: It’s not a joke… – – Sport News | News

The dream and passion of the president and the role of Santos! Evangelos Michos analyzes why Olympiacos’ chances with Cristiano are not slim, presenting the issue in its true dimensions and providing additional information about the club’s politics and its standing in world football.

OlympicCristiano Ronaldo: The Cristiano Ronaldo He left Manchester United a few days ago, and said among other things: “I’m looking for the next challenge in my career!”

The question then that comes up is: Q Olympic He could have, or already have, a realistic opportunity to pose such a (challenge). As you think social media and bookmakers!

So let’s (at least try) to get closer to… answering the above question with some thoughts and facts:

1). That bookmakers include Olympiacos in 13 teams/candidates for Cristiano’s next career destinations should not be considered trivial or a joke!! The high payout – paying around 51 – may be showing the few chances that point to a weak underdog but the pros of this sort who play a billion and have their own information network and different database, do just that. He doesn’t rule it out as a possibility, as a possibility…

2). Bookmakers also see this As something very difficult but not impossible/unrealistic. Otherwise, why pay … 51 and another … 251 or … 551. Let’s see what I mean and “play” a bit with the betting odds and their odds, “Double”/Turn Saudi Arabia in the first half against Argentina (at 0-1) Pay… 200!!!

3). Then there is the factor… Jorge Mendes, who returned last September after a two-year stint with … James Rodriguez to the reality of the transfer of Olympiacos and to the “commercial activities” of Vangelis Marinakis (including Nottingham) …

4). When we refer to Mendes we are talking about the Portuguese agent “Gold Finger”, the man who for many years was a bar owner and is perhaps the first regulator of the global football market, and the most famous and recognized coach. Mendes, along with Mourinho and Ronaldo (both of his clients), formed the holy trinity of Portuguese football, which expanded/dominated the entire world. These three turned Portugal into … a football industry Continuously create and export players/coaches/athletesTechnical managers and the insane exchange rate in their country!!

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4). The Vangelis Marinakis He is the only Greek actor who has built such a relationship with Jorge Mendes. Even if it went through different stages and from … the distribution of tens of millions in cooperation between them. In order to … open the door to Mendes and be able to pick up the phone at any time and call him for deals, Marinakis (as the new owner of Forest) paid a transfer fee of 15 million euros to buy his client – an unknown talent – Carvalho from Benfica. Of course, Mendes, in turn, sent the super-talent Podense to Piraeus and through a phone call Sa. Of course, each of the Portuguese World Cup winners was destined to leave at some point… honorary sales and big profits for Olympiacos and the Portuguese agent.

5). Before Olympiacos’ September deal with Hamis, which was unlucky except for Mendes, their last collaboration was Robin Vinager (two years ago). A loan that didn’t work from the start! This, in contrast to the current state of James Rodriguez … It is no coincidence that in a couple of months Olympic We made sure to let us know that the Colombian star will continue in the 2023-24 season with the “red and whites”. Marinaki-Mendes personal deal and contract will definitely be (in net earnings, no bonuses) for Hams Plus 4,500,000! By the way, in Al Rayyan he got six (6) ….

6). Let’s agree that Ronaldo’s status even at 38 years old is not for Greece. As in CR-7, there is a huge character who has to convince himself to come to our place to play even for 6 months. But let’s also agree that if someone can … help him and convince him, it’s Jorge Mendes’ “father”. “Golden Finger” is the catalyst for Cristiano…

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7). Marcelo has been Ronaldo’s friend at Real Madrid for years. James Rodriguez is also a friend and colleague. The two Latinos are probably the best… upgrade to succeed Rentis W Commercial Record-7. Here Besiktas was advised by the people of the field… that if they wanted to have any hope of coaxing Ronaldo into a 6-month contract with them, they first had to get a friend Marcelo!!

8). The Olympic In addition to the financial potential of his successor Vangelis Marinakis, he also has a global brand name that attracts huge names: Hamis – Marcelo – Versalico – Yaya Toure – Rafinha – Abidal – Cambiasso – Saviola but also previously Rivaldo – Giovanni – Caribe – Galletti – Kovacevich. The Cristiano Ronaldo Therefore, he will not feel … the shame and disgrace that comes to football in Greece and Olympiacos. I think it is understandable why…

9). Ronaldo loves Greece. He makes sure to come to our country for vacation almost every year. He used to do it as a bachelor (mainly in Mykonos) and he used to do it as a family man (on Costa Navarino as well as in the Greek islands). He knows (needless to be said) For the quality of life here, for the enchanting Athenian Riviera, for the adoration you will earn. Even Fernando Santos would unreservedly recommend Greece and Olympiacos (I don’t remember … by chance the name of the Portuguese chosen one)!! Therefore, the Greek quality of life could influence a potential decision for Cristiano. Even more so if in the future it will be combined with the opening of businesses outside football, as the Portuguese (his people) have in the past shown interest in this matter. Baladna (with real estate and tourism)

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10). The Vangelis Marinakis He is not only the owner of Olympiacos (and Premier League club Forest, who/plays a lot of importance now too), but first and foremost an avid fan of Olympiacos. Also very ambitious and aggressive…a leader, team player and great manager (in the most general sense). In the recent past but also in the distant past, in fact, he tried to bring other “massive” names to Greece and to the “Reds and Whites”. Unprecedented situations with others, he approached a deal, with others he tried to do it by putting in great performances, but Greek football was a deterrent. 6 years ago – it is now known – that he was close to Lavezzi from PSG, but in the end the Argentine preferred China with 10,000,000 a year. And where … Find out about the citizen of Lafite and the money he tried to attract in the summer of 2020 to play for at least a year in Olympiacos …

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