December 5, 2023

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“Olympiacos is a machine, we will try to find a window in front of it.”

“Olympiacos is a machine, we will try to find a window in front of it.”

Sport 24 asked Mathieu Zoss to comment on Olympiacos in the quarter-finals, in the semi-finals with Monaco and the upcoming final, and the Real Madrid coach described the Piraeus team as “a compact team that plays like a machine.”

They lost 0-2 to Partizan, they achieved the miracle and the first surprise in the history of the playoffs with this result, and on Friday night (19/5) Real Madrid swallowed Barcelona to advance to the fourth Euroleague final, where Olympiacos is present. waiting for her. Chus Mateo was the man who enjoyed the night more than anyone else, with intense feelings, but also with a sense of justification because he had heard so much during this period.

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In detail what Chos Mateo said:

We started the game well, but Barcelona took a big hit. He made 9/14 3-pointers in the first half, that could be a problem if it continues, but in the second half we told the locker room we’d find a window because we didn’t expect them to shoot like that again.

We came back thanks to our defense, thanks to our rebounding, not making any mistakes. That was the key, we had to get to the final to have a chance to win. We started with good defense in Mirotic and Laprovitola, before the experienced players beat a great team that did very well. It’s not easy to get to the Final Four, and it’s even harder to get to the Final. Our dream is alive, tonight we will enjoy the night because we feel proud of our soul. We played as a team.

The last four are tough for everyone. Monaco was winning, but Olympiacos is a great team, they have a lot of experience, they have a lot of great players. They only gave up two points in the third period. It is solid, playing like an instrument. They play together as a team and we know it will be difficult to deal with them. We’ll try to find a window for them and see what happens. Now we can have fun and from tomorrow we will see what happens

Eli Edage works with us, he works hard. It’s not easy to take on Mirotic with one player for 40 minutes. It is not easy to stop it individually. We played a good team defense against him, but it wasn’t easy. Eli did well against LeDay too, he did it again tonight. He played great defense in those eight minutes. I gave 32 minutes to Honia, it would be impossible to give him 40. We have to use our material now because Dick, Jabusel and Poirier are not there.“.

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