November 29, 2022

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Olympiacos – Nikolaokopoulos: It has no fixed stages – Kostas Nikolaokopoulos – Articles – Olympiacos

So Panathinaikos kept his difference from the teams that follow him during a fixed stage: a foul from Verbic, a header from Sporer and a 1-0 victory over Aris.

On this occasion, I would like to focus on Olympiacos’ very poor harvest this year in goals and corner kicks. For four years, the team did not even snatch … in this part with Martins on the bench, but now with the changes of coaches, the situation is much less.

Olympiacos played 19 matches this year in the league and in Europe, and the goals he scored during the standing stages are less than the fingers of one hand: one at Olympiacos – Slovan from a corner kick by Valbuena and a header from L. Arabic … two in Olympiacos-Ionicos 3-1 from a corner kick by Bale and a free kick by Bouchalakis … three in OFI-Olympiacos 1-2 from Valbuena’s mistake and Bakabo’s header …

And if we want to be realistic, the two headers are due to Valbuena’s good performance. In the 38th minute, Matteo, but he scored two goals, made one pass, and made two goals from fixed stages. The question arises as to how Olympiacos, together with other good artists, such as Hames and Biel, could not take advantage of a single corner kick or foul.

One answer might be that Cisse’s streak (six goals last season) ended last March… The other answer might be that Ticinho, the perfect striker who threatened with headers from corners and free kicks, left… A third answer relates to the inability to The longest ‘red and white’, who are mainly the defenders, are on the scoring: Manolas, who left after all, never scored after returning from Italy…so bad ba on this piece. (He has one goal in 3.5 years and his goals are more!) … Vrsaljko scored three goals in his entire career … Ritsos and Doi played very little … in his first season at Olympiacos, for over a year he scored only once from a free kick …

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So what is left? Papastathopoulos, who is always promoted, has a good jump, takes headers, but scores with great difficulty – in his nearly two years at Olympiacos, he scored only two goals, both in matches against Asteras Tripoli in Karaiskakis … and with PAOK he chased the goal a lot, Unsuccessfully, while the same thing happened in Agriño, on three occasions. In general, in these two matches, Sokratis went to six finals (!), Which is important for the goalkeeper, but in fact, the opponent goalkeeper was not threatened in either of them.

Whichever way we look at it, Mitchell has to work more slowly on set pieces, for the simple reason that it’s the “easiest” and safest way to make dangerous Olympiacos, who always win lots of fouls and corner kicks, as in the vast majority From his matches he attacks…

By the way, watch in the two videos how Ural 2-1 and Krelia won the Russian championship where Rangelovich took the corner for the first goal and took the penalty for the second goal.

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