September 22, 2023

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Olympiacos – PAOK: Olympiacos is in…a new corner… – – Sports News | News

Olympiacos – PAOK: Olympiacos is in…a new corner… – – Sports News |  News

Greece’s ‘next big thing’ and how Fabio Martins got lost in Toumba! Behind-the-scenes revelations at by Evangelos Michos. Why was Stefanos Tzimas renewed for just one year at Dikefalos and why is it such a huge success for the club? What happened to the player … that Botto was chasing for a month and signed elsewhere and the first “disagreements” over the experienced left-back at Al-Mina’a.

OlympicPAOK: “The Evangelist” has all of Gemma’s renovation wallpaper PAOKabout how Fabio Martins lost but also the most important managerial intrigue with Mazuaku!!

tzimAS/1: His great success PAOK Who managed to renew the contract of the 16-year-old super talent until the end of 2025! Because this process was not as easy and simple as some might think. Quite the opposite, because we are not just talking about a talented little footballer. We are talking about the next big thing in Greek football in general, which is registered as such at the highest level in the international scouting market! Experts consider him one of the best talents in Europe (at his time). And as it was recently traded in the Greek market dealerships It took about two months to convince Stefanos Tzimas and his family of this renovation!! In the beginning…they were kicking while it shouldn’t go unnoticed by extending it by a year and no morea. It will be over, if they don’t do another renovation in the meantime, a few days before he turns 20!!

JIMAS/2: We recently wrote about the charismatic striker, and how football pundits consider him to have more chances than Julie who Two years ago it sold 12,000,000 in Norwich! Jimas with his previous contract, He will enter his last (and dangerous) 6 months next July. and l PAOK They knew very well that … they were staying in the corner of foreign clubs but also Olympic. Good ending, but all is well, “two-headed” but also Stefanos Tsima. Because apart from the new contract, with a huge (for his age) salary increase, the best gift before his birthday (6 January) was that he was promoted to the first team to train with Razvan Lucescu. Something that was also requested on Tzima’s side (the family as well as his agent, Theofilos Karasavvides). Tzimas, being a student of the second high school, played in the current season in K19 but also in PAOK Pablo Garcia (5 matches / 3 goals) …

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Fabio Martins: He was not destined to come to Tumba and play. As in September, so in December, his transfer collapsed at the last minute. Only this time, the series finally came to an end with the Portuguese winger signed on the Saudi Gulf. José Boto, despite being a compatriot, could not persuade him to sign in the past, when he had no other proposals. However, from the beginning of the week, when Clegg’s offer appeared (as per the ultimatum), for 1,500,000 euros a year and with a Portuguese technologist (Pedro Emmanuel), he “roasted” it, PAOK… played (with time) and lost.

Mazuyakoy: In Besiktas, he was on loan from West Ham, while he has a contract with Londoners until 2024 and an annual salary close to 1,800,000 euros. Of course, the “hammers” from the summer wanted to get rid of him, which is why they sent him on loan with an option to buy for 2.2 million to the Istanbul team, but they didn’t … t work it out. But in Turkey, it earned less than a million. If that happens in January, West Ham would like to sell him and not loan him out again. to me Olympic Sure, Mitchell wants him a lot (allegedly he called him to spy on him if he was coming/back to Greece) but there are also… wary voices. After all, in Olympiacos, the returns were It turns out that they do not succeed / succeed. In general, the state of Mazuaku contains a lot of … bread. and the intrigue of the upper management. Mazuaku’s agent is Meisha Ediaye who has spent two years talking to the “Reds and Whites” about his other client, left wing Enkudu!! Yes, the one who is now “flirting” with her Eck!!!

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