February 7, 2023

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Olympiacos – Red Star 86-90: Vildoza “cleaned it up” (vid)

Red Stars (8-7) obliged Olympiacos (9-6) to a second consecutive marginal defeat (86-90). Luca Vildosa was bad with 22 points and 8 assists.

the red star get over (86-90) for the third time in a row on Olympic It forced him to a second consecutive marginal defeat, and knocked him out of the top four in the standings. his team Giorgos Partzokas He didn’t play defense well, but rather considered Serbs Those who capitalized on their form achieved their 12th win in their last 13 matches.

The game started with both teams feeling comfortable on the floor and in contact with the basket from a distance. The three points of CanaanAnd the Papanicolaou And the Poloboy On the one hand, those who Lazic, Nedovic On the other hand, the high score (13-12, 6′). the red star He found a better rhythm and took advantage of the weakness of the “red and white” defense. Piraeus directed by 15-21 (9′). In the last minute 7-0 by hand Vyzenkov Change the data in the result table (22-21) at the end of the period.

the Olympic With Slouka, McKissick, Larentzaki And the black He greatly corrected his defense, making life difficult for the visitors. On the other side, Slukas Also distributed helps McKissick With 6 points and black Along with 5 others who have done so 36-28 (15 minutes). the Slukas He left the design for a while and went into execution, so with 2/2 of three throws he sent the difference to 12 points (42-30, 17 min). Bulldozer And the Mitrovic However, they were able to help their team respond and the half ended with 45-41.

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the Partzokas I threw it on the ground omen And the French The attack helped, however, every time Olympic He had a chance to get away with something wrong and did it star was taking advantage of (53-51, 25′). the Papanicolaou With 2/2 shots the 6.75 gave a noticeable “breath” to the Piraeus who got away with it 59-51 (27 minutes)but again Serbs They replied. Not only did they come close to Petrosev’s three-pointer, but they surpassed him by a basket Mitrovic (60-61, 29 minutes).

It has three indicators Dobrich Early in the fourth quarter he gave his team a 6-point lead (62-68, 31′), but it didn’t stop there. the serbian The forward scored comfortably from 6.75, o’clock Petrushev It was also imitated by red star Get away with me 65-76 (35 minutes). The margins narrowed enough for him Olympic He was looking for a final reaction. It has three indicators Lorentzakis-Improved image of the defense and its points black lowered to 75-79 (37 minutes) And a little later Vyzenkov in a 79-82 (38 minutes). the red star He found the solutions he wanted with difficulty, but also Olympic He wanted to exhaust the possibilities of overthrow and black with 2/2 shots 84-86 (45 inches to the end). The last defence, S Slukas But his shots also missed Bulldozer They gave victory Serbs.

Where was the match referred to: with the result in 79-82 The referees converted his interception Papanicolaou in his shots Bulldozerbut the Lorentzakis With three points reduce to 82-84. put it Dobrich And his shots black They didn’t change the difference. But in the end, the defense got its shot behavior, 5 ” before the end did not find any goal and came defeat.

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best player: the Luca Vildoza At 27:03 he showed 22 points (3/5 doubles, 2/7 triples, 10/11 vol), 4 rebounds, 8 assists and 1 fumble.

Unsung hero: I wish you a good evening Mitrovic (13 am, 7 am), Petrushev (14 pages), Nedovic (12 p.) and Dobrich In the last quarter (12 p.m.).

Weak Link: the Peters In 13 minutes he did nothing. The others didn’t play so well of course…

Match stats: The winners were 11/24 3-pointers (45%) and 20/27 (74%). A contrasting statistic of fouls with number 7 for him Olympic and 16 for Serbs.

Gazita comment: the Olympic He wanted to fight back after being defeated before Fellerbahn But both times he missed the result he saw red star to get his team back Giorgos Partzokas He played poor defense, gave the visitors a chance to find rhythm from medium and long range and then they just wouldn’t stop.

contracts: 22-21, 45-41, 62-65, 86-90